Ideal 9 Month Baby Weight Based on Gender

The ideal weight for a 9-month-old baby according to the provisions of the World Health Organization can be differentiated by sex. The ideal weight of a 9-month-old baby girl is different from the ideal weight of a 9-month-old baby boy. Come, see more in the following review. Weight, height, and head circumference are measures of the growth of your little one during their growth and development. To measure growth, we need to weigh, measure length, and head circumference which are then matched into growth curves that are appropriate for the age and sex in the child's health book. Well, in the world of health, there are certain criteria for knowing the ideal weight for a 9-month baby. A healthy baby will show an increase in growth and development from the first day of life. One of them is the increase in body weight from the size of the birth weight. Referring to the growth curve published by the World Health Organization related to child development, the ideal weight of a 9-mont
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